“Make Something Out of Nothing” — Cooking Inspired by Mom

Alan Wong’s Restaurants and Watermark Publishing, publisher of The Blue Tomato, are pleased to collaborate with the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai’i to present an event honoring mothers (and all those other women who raised us) and their role in our food heritage. Inspired Food: The Roots of Hawai’i Cuisine, a brunch & talk-story with … Continue reading

Chef Alan’s Red Onion Butter Recipe

This Red Onion Butter recipe from The Blue Tomato is used to season the shrimp and create a flavorful sauce for Chef Alan’s Prawns with Saimin Noodles. Chef takes Hamura saimin noodles —you can purchase them fresh from the tiny mom-and-pop diner on Kaua‘i, an unassuming family business that also just happens to be a … Continue reading

Oyster Shaved Ice with Red Onion-Jalapeño Granité

Fuel the flames of love with this vivid red, spicy-yet-cool oyster dish. The original presentation of this simple dish from The Blue Tomato is bound to win you serious sweetheart points. Oyster Shaved Ice with Red Onion-Jalapeño Granité Makes 5 tasting portions The Granité 1 cup (227 grams) fish stock (use store-bought or homemade; Chef … Continue reading