IN THE MEDIA: 11/21/12 reviewed of The Blue Tomato back in October.

Wong’s multi-hued plating style and his fusing of multiple ethnic influences should be inspiration enough for most readers to imitate and create with whatever product they choose to celebrate.

Here are a few other reviews that we missed posting to this blog:

The Honolulu Weekly‘s reviewer borrowed a copy of The Blue Tomato from the paper’s food editor:

She handed [the book] to me ceremoniously, as though she was entrusting her first-born child to me. I accepted the challenge, but couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated by the hefty weight of the 11-year follow-up to Alan Wong’s New Wave Luau. … And did I enjoy The Blue Tomato? Immensely. Once I wholly and utterly waded into the foodie fray, I discovered that Blue Tomato is a cookbook–yes, but it’s also a good many other things. It’s an intimate glimpse into the mind and kitchen of Alan Wong, it’s a collection of anecdotes from the local farming community, it’s a treasure trove filled with fruitful cooking tips and it’s a philosophy. Above all, it’s wonderfully inspiring–as long as you have a dream.

Ben of FocusSnapEat documented his experience making the Singapore-Style Seafood Stew from The Blue Tomato:

In the end, I thought the entire dish tasted great with the curry having a nice kick from the Madras curry. This is the kind of dish that’s perfect for the winter. Plus, when plated, the dish totally looks like a restaurant entrée.

Ben did a fantastic job, and chronicled it all in stunning photos. Last year, he attended one of our Taste Hawaii Tour events, and documented that on his blog, too.

Finally, a review from Gayot:

More than just a cookbook and certainly not just a collection of recipes, The Blue Tomato is an approach to cooking characterized by creativity and innovation.

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