Taste of the Nation Hawaii 2012

Please join Chef Alan Wong, this year’s Honorary Chef Chair, at Taste of the Nation Hawaii, a fundraiser to help fight childhood hunger nationwide.

Nearly 17 million children face hunger in America. Most families that live below the poverty line in America are working families, yet their regular income is not sufficient to cover the cost of housing, medical care, child care, transportation, clothing and food. Employment is simply not enough to safeguard these families against hunger and poverty.

Here in Hawaii, our Child Poverty Rate is nearly 14% which ranks us 41 of the 50 United States, while our national rank in Food Hardship is a devastating third place finish. One out of every four keiki in Hawaii face childhood hunger and we can do something to fix it.

Taste of the Nation Hawaii

Copies of Chef Alan’s The Blue Tomato will be available for purchase at the event. Proceeds benefit Taste of the Nation Hawaii.

2 Responses to “Taste of the Nation Hawaii 2012”
  1. desiaritson says:

    Chef Alan lots of luck, am in PR thinking of you over there,

  2. desiaritson says:

    lots of success with your project Chef

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