For the Love of Japan

A personal message from Chef Alan Wong regarding the Japan earthquake and tsunami and his efforts to help:

For the love of Japan

I am part Japanese. Japan was my mother’s birthplace and my birthplace.

In 1885, the first Japanese immigrants began arriving in Hawaii to work on the sugar plantations, and by 1924 over 180,000 made Hawaii their new home.

Hawaii has many Japanese people living here today and we also have ties to Japan through family, friends,and business relationships. These are the reasons why there has been such an emotional response and willingness to reach out to Japan following the massive earthquake and tsunami.

When everyone saw what happened, it was gut- wrenching.  There was disbelief — it could easily have been us. We were fortunate to have been spared this time.

Now is the time for Japan to heal and recover.  Now is the time for us to help.  Japan’s spirit is strong and, with our help, their spirit will get stronger.

For this reason, we are teaming with several organizations to do our part in raising funds for those struggling to survive in the devastated areas of Japan.

Chefs Help Japan is a group of 10 chefs from across the US who have banded together to raise funds through culinary events.

For this effort, we will be holding a Chefs Help Japan Brunch at The Pineapple Room on Sunday, April 17th.  Proceeds will be used to aid fisheries and people in Japan whose homes have been destroyed.

Another benefit called With Aloha will benefit the Tohoku Hospital in Sendai.  Our contribution will be a portion of the proceeds of my cookbook, The Blue Tomato, purchased at our restaurants from April through December of this year.  In addition, a portion of the proceeds from our two new menus (The Pineapple Room’s 5-Course Menu Tasting and Alan Wong Honolulu’s 7-Course Japanese-Inspired Chef’s Omakase Menu) will also be dedicated to this fund between April 1 and June 30, 2011.

Nothing can be taken for granted. I am thankful that we are able to contribute toward helping Japan repair and rebuild.

~Alan Wong

View the complete menus:

Chefs Help Japan Brunch Menu

Japanese-Inspired Chef’s Omakase Menu

The Pineapple Room 5-Course Menu Tasting

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