IN THE MEDIA: 1/14/11

Chef Alan on Hawaii News Now; photo from Hawaii News Now website

The Blue Tomato started off the New Year with an appearance by Chef Alan on Hawaii News Now’s Sunrise morning show. Chef chatted with Steve Uyehara about the inspiration behind The Blue Tomato, and took Dan Cooke into the studio kitchen to whip up President Obama’s favorite Alan Wong dish: Soy-Braised Short Ribs with Gingered Shrimp and Ko Choo Jang Sauce. Chef even got Dan cooking! You can watch the clip on Hawaii News Now (click here). reviewed The Blue Tomato and interviewed Chef Alan:

The recipes itself are organized in a way that is more descriptive than your average cookbook. Chef Alan separates the ingredients of each recipe to correspond with the instruction for each group of ingredients. This helps the reader to determine which ingredients follow specific instructions. Step-by-step processes are helpful for readers to become less confused when reading recipes. Each section of ingredients and instruction has its own subheading as well, guiding the reader through the recipe.

For the rest of the review, click here.

From the interview:

Many amateur cooks as well as seasoned Chefs are likely to receive your new cookbook. What would you say are a few “must have” utensils and equipment to possess in a kitchen?

A good scale that goes in ounces as well as grams. The right size blender and food processor. Sharp knives and the right ones for the right task.

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Chef Alan and Wanda Adams at Barnes & Noble, Ala Moana

Foodie/food writer Wanda Adams (formerly of The Honolulu Advertiser) blogged on The Blue Tomato and Chef Alan on Our Island Plate. Wanda stopped by Barnes & Noble for Chef’s book signing/talk story session.

Alan, by the way, was his usual shy and charming self and his new book, “The Blue Tomato,” was the jumping-off point for a side-by-side tomato tasting (local vs. generic Mainland vs. tomatoes dress in his famous li hing vinaigrette); an introduction to the refractometer, which measures the sugar content in foods, an aid in judging the ripeness; and another — Coke alongside a Snickers bar — that illustrates how the tastes of one food can influence your perception of the taste of another.

Wanda’s working on an upcoming feature article for Edible Hawaiian Islands about Chef and the book. (EHI reviewed The Blue Tomato in their Winter Issue, but you’ll have to track down a print copy to see the review.) During her interview for the article, she learned about his “Wong Way test,” given to his restaurant staff.  Read her blog post to see if you’d pass muster in Chef Alan’s kitchen.

For more photos from the book signing, visit our photo gallery.

Haute Living also reviewed The Blue Tomato:

Giving “Top Chef” addicts a reason to brave the kitchen, this new cookbook  will serve as a culinary bible for the at home cook who wants to try fun, culinary forward dishes and the professional chef who wants to explore the brilliance of Wong and experience the inner workings of his kitchen.

For the rest of the review, visit the Haute Living site.

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