IN THE MEDIA: 12/21/10

Hawaii Book Blog reviewed The Blue Tomato as part of their “Cookbook Countdown to New Year’s.” Reviewer Misty-Lynn Sanico remarks,

What I really love is that every recipe has a story and that all of them combined form an incredible saga of a life dedicated to local culture and cuisine. Wong tells us about his process, how some of his best dishes were born, his successes and his failures.  It’s a deeply interesting book to read even without the recipes.  The recipes, I will admit, look very challenging.  This is a cook’s cookbook for sure but if there’s any message The Blue Tomato can convey, it’s that anything is possible with a little creativity and perseverance.

Read more of Misty’s review here, where you’ll also find the recipe for Chef Alan’s Wagyu-Wrapped ‘Ahi with Port Wine Sauce. The step-by-step “how to” photo gallery for this recipe can be found here.

Photo by Pomai of The Tasty Island

The Tasty Island blogger Pomai Souza stopped by our booth at the Kapi‘olani Community College Farmers’ Market during Chef Alan’s signing:

It isn’t uncommon to run into local celebrity chefs and movers ‘n shakers of Hawaii’s culinary scene at the KCC Farmers’ Market, and this weekend was no exception, where Honolulu celebrity chef Alan Wong set up a booth to promote his new cookbook ‘The Blue Tomato’

Check out The Tasty Island for more great photos of Chef Alan’s market signing by Pomai. (The Blue Tomato photos are about half-way down the post entry.)

Jo McGarry also reviewed The Blue Tomato in her MidWeek “Table Talk” column:

For local foodies, the book is a must-have. Best-loved dishes from Wong’s restaurant are included, as are many of his imaginative and seriously playful takes on foods such as burgers, fries and tuna sandwiches. Don’t expect them to look like any you’ve tasted before.

For the rest of Jo’s review, read her column here.

Martha Cheng’s review for The Honolulu Weekly acknowledges The Blue Tomato’s recipes may prove a challenge for home cooks, but notes:

If you’ve ever wanted a kitchen lesson with Alan Wong, his latest cookbook, THE BLUE TOMATO, might be the closest thing to standing in front of the stove with him.

The Weekly mentions The Blue Tomato in the online edition, but you’ll have to track down a copy of the print edition for Martha’s complete review.

Finally, The Blue Tomato received call-outs as a great gift idea by Lei Chic, nonstophonolulu and hapa|hale.

Created by Alan Wong Ph.D. (that’s Dr. of Deliciousness), the newly released The Blue Tomato is your study guide for how to increase your yum-factor to the power of x.      —Lei Chic

It’s chock full of recipes for everything from from sunomono salad to crab “tofu” to wagyu-wrapped ‘ahi. BEST FOR: Home cooks, professional chefs, culinary students or anyone who likes to put interesting books on their coffee tables.      —Catherine Toth, nonstophonolulu

chef alan wong traces the inspiration of his‘ono hawaii regional dishes in the blue tomato.      —hapa|hale

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