IN THE MEDIA: 12/1/10

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s Betty Shimabukuro visited with Chef Alan in his King Street restaurant kitchen to talk about the meaning behind The Blue Tomato.

Photo by Bruce Asato / Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Alan Wong’s new cookbook, “The Blue Tomato,” is based on the philosophy of Why Not? As in, anything is possible. As in, sure, you could make blue ketchup.

“Why does lumpia have to be that shape?” Wong asks. “Why can’t it be round like a pingpong ball?” Why can’t you use a Spam musubi mold to make something else? Why does a bun have to be bread?

Read more of Shimabukuro’s article here.

On Saturday, December 4, Jo McGarry will interview Chef Alan on her Table Talk radio show. Tune in to KHVH 830 AM or listen to the live stream on the station’s website.

Alan Wong joins us on the show to discuss his new book, The Blue Tomato. Hoping that no one ever really makes a blue tomato, Wong talks to Jo about the search for the simplest, best food on earth, and his culinary hopes for the future.

Visit the Table Talk website for more, including a post-show recap and review, plus podcast if you miss the live broadcast.

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